Without further ado, here are eight predictions from across Stink Studios’ global offices for how the advertising and technology landscape will transform in 2021.

— (1) Content will feel more human

After 14 years, Keeping up with the Kardashians is airing its final season next year. It’s the end of an era; no other show has better reflected our 2000s obsession with reality television. Aided by the simultaneous rise of social media, stars like Kim and Kylie have transformed the entertainment landscape. We clamor for behind the scenes content, intimate at-home interviews, and vlogs featuring daily routines. …

A small feature with big potential for customer experience

Matt Greenhalgh, Executive Technical Director

iPhone 12 Pro LiDAR Sensor [Image credit: Apple]

If you were following along with Apple’s recent announcements you may not have picked up on the significance of one of the new features of the iPhone Pro. Billed as primarily an enhancement to photographic capabilities, LiDAR will also dramatically enhance Augmented Reality capabilities on devices.

LiDAR stands for ‘Light Detection And Ranging’. It is a sensor that detects the time it takes for light rays to be transmitted from the device and reflected back to the sensor. …

By Mark Pytlik, CEO

Stink Studios is a predominantly white company that operates in a predominantly white industry, but the shameful truth is that we have not done nearly enough to change either of those facts.

It’s not enough to stop at hiring thoughtful, progressive-minded people with good intentions. Our entire organization, from the top down, needs to be fundamentally bought into a more equitable vision of the future, and it needs to be prepared to do the difficult work to make that vision a reality.

In the past, we have ignored actionable recommendations and calls to change from our…

A technical deep-dive on how Stink Studios worked with premium sneaker brand Auxiliary in partnership with Selfridges to create a first-of-its-kind retail experience using Spark AR

Matt Greenhalgh, Technical Director

If you haven’t seen the experience you can watch the film.

Just as the High Street seeks to respond to its much-publicised decline, so the new-wave of AR technologies seek usage models that will take them out of their current niche as fun, pervasive but often frivolous face filters. The paring represents a potentially lucrative marriage that could re-engage jaded high-street shoppers and Gen Z digital natives.

Augmented Reality, previously written off as a fun but high-barrier-to-entry novelty, is enjoying a renaissance. This is thanks, in no small part, to the Spark AR platform from Facebook…

Making an economic case for on-demand, cloud-based solutions.

Arpad Ray, Executive Technical Director

At Stink Studios, one of our most popular products is RITA, our cloud-based video rendering platform.

RITA stands for ‘render in the air,’ and was designed from the outset to live in the cloud. We’ve used it on dozens of projects running on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, and Alibaba Cloud, where it can automatically scale itself between one server and hundreds of servers depending on customer demand.

In computing terms, on-demand video rendering is a relatively expensive operation. You typically want to use the…

A type specimen meets a realtime renderer
to make a meme generator

By Steven Olimpio, Sr. Art Director & Will Kent-Daggett, Creative Developer

In 2014, Stink Studios made a website where users could upload a selfie to be mapped in 3D, in real-time, into a music video of a singing kitten — appropriately called Sing It Kitty. Using our learnings from the process, we developed our own video compositing platform for future projects, in order to be able to seamlessly generate dynamic videos in real-time, or, in other words, to Render In The Air. This is how Stink Studios’ proprietary technology RITA was born.

Fast-forward to summer 2018 in our Los Angeles…

A look at the near-future developments for Augmented Reality announced at F8 2019

Matt Greenhalgh, Technical Director

In 2018, Stink Studios was chosen as one of a handful of partners to build Instagram AR filters using Facebook’s Spark AR platform as part of its private beta program. We created pioneering AR filters on the platform, partnering with Disney to help Mickey and Minnie Mouse celebrate their 90th anniversary and with German influencers Lisa and Lena to drive engagement across 17 million followers.

As Instagram Beta matures, we were invited to this year’s F8 conference to hear what developments were in store for the platform, as well as for creators, agencies and brands.


Stinkmoji was an internal project that started as a technical challenge: making animoji-like characters on the web, which are available on desktop and mobile to those without an iPhone X.

Introducing Dustink, Darkstink and Khaleestink, our three cute 3D companions

This project also celebrates some of pop culture’s most iconic characters. We chose our characters based on the team’s favorite shows and films from the past year — it was not an easy task!

The experience offers users the possibility to select and then play as one of the characters. …

A technical deep-dive on how Stink Studios worked with Google to deliver high-end Artworks created in VR to mobile devices

Matt Greenhalgh, Technical Director

Each year, at the onset of Ramadan and for the festival of Eid al-Fitr at its conclusion, people send friends and families themed messages as greetings. To help them celebrate these occasions in 2018, Google Brand Studio conceived the ‘Qalam’ project: a series of artworks by renowned regional artists, created in VR, that could be customised and shared with friends and family. Google approached Stink Studios to build the project and help bring the experience to life.

The project began with a series of art capture sessions held in Dubai, London and Turkey. Here, a total…

How Stink Studios created John Lewis ‘Moz the Monster — Monster Maker’

Matt Greenhalgh, Technical Director

Moz the Monster

Technical background

Bringing Moz the Monster, the star of John Lewis 2017 Christmas campaign, to life in a web page presented Stink Studios with a number of technical challenges:

  • First and foremost, we had to recreate the look and behaviour of the character as closely as possible.
  • Secondly, we wanted to allow children to create their own Monster and to be able to change its size, shape, colour and other aspects of its appearance.
  • Finally, we wanted to create an experience that could scale seamlessly from mid-range mobile devices all the way to high-powered desktop devices, taking advantage…

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