Our journey to become a more sustainable global business

Stink Studios
2 min readApr 27, 2022

It’s increasingly important that companies like ours start to understand our role in the global climate crisis, and do everything within our means to reduce our impact on the environment. In 2019 we started a journey to become a more sustainable and equitable business, and our aim has always been to share what we’ve learned with our staff, our clients, and our peers in the creative industries.

Today we’ve published a detailed report of our annual CO2e emissions following a third-party audit with Zevero.

The report shows that our burden to climate change from our global activities in 2021 totals 291.9 tCO2e, equal to 2.70 tCO2e per employee.

The report also highlights areas where we can further reduce our impact, and we’re setting measurable goals as part of a wider Impact Strategy to be published later this year.

In the meantime we’re balancing 100% of these unavoidable emissions at $100 t/CO2 following Oxford principles for net zero aligned carbon offsetting. This results in a total investment this year of $29,190 into a portfolio of carbon removal projects that includes nature-based solutions and carbon dioxide removal through Climeworks. The main objective in declaring a relatively high internal carbon price is to create a disincentive; to nudge each business decision we make towards the lower carbon alternative.

We’ve always been careful to avoid greenwashing our activities, and have consciously avoided the cheap PR of planting trees and claiming to be carbon neutral. By sharing our data and financial outlay every year we aim to be transparent, provoke discussion, and make ourselves accountable for improvement — and it’s our hope that other companies will do the same.